Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?

Taking the steps to work through those feelings is a brave thing to do!

Finding Your True North is a metaphorical expression that refers to discovering your authentic self, values, and purpose in life.

It means understanding what truly matters to you, your core beliefs, passions, and the direction in which you want to lead your life.

Just like a compass needle always points north, finding your true north means aligning your actions and decisions with your innermost beliefs and values, leading you towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life path. It's about self-discovery, self-awareness, and living in harmony with your genuine identity.

This 90- day journal is much more than a book; it’s a guided process separated into three distinct 30-day sprints. Each sprint has a unique focus:

Rediscovering your core: dive deep into understanding the essence of who you are.

Vision and soul quest: define your dreams, desires, and the values that guide you.

Aligned action: uncover ways to bring your newfound understanding into your daily life.

Through daily prompts, reflective activities and a self- accountability tracker, this journal is designed to guide you towards a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of yourself.

  • Rediscover the real you
  • Unlock your inner world
  • Live your truth

Bonus: affirmations section! A whole page of affirmations for continued self-discovery and growth.

The path of self discovery doesn’t have an endpoint.

It’s a continuous adventure!

Consider your completed journal as a resource for your continued growth. When you’re ready, you may choose to explore new layers or facets of yourself.

Upon completion of the 90 day journal, know that your dedication and effort have laid a strong foundation for future growth and happiness.

The self-awareness you’ve gained is a priceless asset that will guide you towards living a more authentic life.

Feel empowered and excited about the steps you’ve taken, and the journey that lies ahead!

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